we want people who think that "international kids have nothing to do with me" to see it.

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What are the problems of "international children"?

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We interviewed organizations and people in various places.

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We have summarized what we can do and think about to solve this problem.

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Reason The reason why creating this site

Although the theme of "international kids" is a problem that is familiar to us, the reality is more serious than we imagined, and we thought it is a problem that not many people know well about this problem.
Also, there were few members of the team who are called “international kids” and has and had experience studying abroad, so we thought that this problem is not someone else’s problem.

Origin The reason why of this site’s name

Commonize Education -Reasons why foreign residents can't go to school-

What we want to tell that everyone has rights to be educated and we want everyone to be able to go to school and these are the most important things.
But that is not easy to do because “international kids”, which is our topic of this website are not feeling comfortable to go to school because of their appearance and language etc.
We hope that people who visited our site will think about reasons why of this problem and we named this name which is “Commonize Education -Reasons why foreign residents can't go to school-”


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