Up to this point,
we learned that there are various issues
Up to this point, we learned that there are various issues
At this “Summary” page, we are going to reflect the things we learned from the page of “Learn the status quo” and “Activities”, and consider the three major problems in order from the aspect of “Law / system” and “Communication”.

Children who can't get education

Even if you go to school...

New problems occurred due to COVID-19

Can’t go to school
Nationwide investigation

To find their way out of not being able to go to school, first, it is very important to grasp how many international children are made to be in the situation of not being able to attend school.

Making a system to enable them to go to school

After grasping how many children are not being able to go to school, next we need to consider the way that will enable these children to enter school.

Can’t keep up with class

Even though they can make it to enter school, there are often cases of them having difficulty understanding the class, and showing full of their original ability. Moreover, another problem is posed when they are to take a high school entrance examination, because they have to cope with both studying of Japanese and other subjects. Therefore, the problem is very serious that even though no investigations were implemented concerning the rate of enrollment in high school before, the rate is regarded to be very low.

Preparation of learning and Japanese guidance support

To have them spend a fine school life, there is a necessity to consider how we can support them to meet the need for Japanese learning and other subject’s learning.

Making a system for high school entrance exam

To take the exam, students have to study for the high school entrance exam besides the things they study at school. There are a lot of issues related to this, not only the support for learning, but also we have to come up with ways to provide the course information for the children who have roots abroad.

Being isolated / teased

Although we can solve the problem concerning studying, there are also international children who become isolated and teased by their classmates.

Consider about communication

School is basically a place to learn, but it is also a place for students to construct their relationships. To make an environment that international students eventually think “I want to go to school”, we also need to consider some approaches to have them communicate with their classmates smoothly.